Mr. Patton joined the distinguished jury panel to critique and award the best products of 2006 in the equipment category. I.D. Magazine's Annual Design Review is one of the most celebrated awards in the industry.

U.S. Commerce Secretary Carlos M. Gutierrez recently named three new members to the Patent Public Advisory Committee (PPAC)…
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Patton Design wins the most innovative product in the Industrial Design category at Orange County's AeA High Tech Innovation Awards
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- Critical-Care and Emergency Medicine Products EV1000 Clinical Patient Monitoring Platform

The EV1000 is a patient-monitoring platform that is intended to show clinicians the physiologic status of their patients in critical-care settings such as the OR and the ICU. Manufactured and submitted by Edwards Lifesciences LLC

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Supply and Design credit to Patton Design (Irvine, CA)

Orange County Industrial Design Company

Patton Design is an industrial design company that has been creating great products for over 25 years creating hundreds of products in virtually every market category. Our product design firm has a unique capability to revolutionize our clients market with new products and lock out the competition with an integrated patent development process. Patton Design is unique from other engineering design firms because we integrate the development areas of mechanical engineering, human factors, interaction design, industrial design, graphic user interface, patents and strategic planning.

Our software and user interface design is unique because of our flowchart development system that integrates marketing, business and user needs before programming.

Our patent development creates a product that is based on strategic patent "whitespace" opportunities.

Southern California Product Design Firm

One of the most important areas for an industrial design company to provide to clients is a complete solution that goes beyond what a typical product design firm creates. Typically engineering design firms create a product based on incomplete specifications that results in product design services that do not revolutionize the marketplace. This is why our unique concept and problem statement phase is so important.

What is important about an industrial design consultancy is to create new product development that is more than just a standard product design. It must exceed what most industrial design consultants provide. It must understand engineering design solutions, human factors, styling, strategic business requirements and patents to truly innovate.

A typical industrial design consultant can only give part of the process. It is usually only engineering and design. Product design industrial design must include every part of the process. This complete process creates an amazing new product that allows business success and incredible customer happiness with its use.

Please contact Doug Patton who has innovated a problem solving process that is truly integrated with all aspects of invention.

Engineering Design Firms

For manufacturing, our engineering design consultancy optimizes the engineering design process to schedule engineering design projects for highly controlled product design engineering that is on budget and meets all specifications. Our product design engineer is integrated into the complete market, business, patent and industrial design needs.

Patton Design has clients that are national and international. Patton Design is located in Irvine Orange County (OC): the "Silicon Valley" of Southern California (SC) and is in the heart of technology and manufacturing development. We have liaisons with manufacturing and development in Los Angeles, San Diego, Riverside County and Long Beach. Due to the importance of being connected to new trends our beach city influence of Hunting Beach and Newport Beach is important to our designers. The more cosmopolitan culture of Los Angeles is also important for fashion and design trends. Other areas of manufacturing and assembly include local cities such as Anaheim, Santa Ana, Orange and Fullerton.

Click here to contact Patton Design, Orange County California's premier industrial design company - The Southern California Engineering and design firm.

Patton Design, Orange County (OC) California's premier industrial design company - The Southern California (SC)Engineering and design firm proudly serves: Irvine, Los Angeles, San Diego, Anaheim, Santa Ana, Orange, Huntington Beach, Fullerton, Long Beach and Riverside County.